SSL design competition now accepting submissions

June 26, 2008
The Next Generation Luminaires design competition, with an 'intent-to-submit' deadline of July 31, is focused on energy-efficient white light, general illumination luminaires for the commercial sector.
The Next Generation Luminaires competition, focused on designing SSL luminaires for the commercial sector only, is now accepting submissions for the 2008 competition.


Final entries are due by October 15, 2008, but an ‘intent-to-submit' must be sent by July 31, 2008.

Who can enter

The competition is open to all LED lighting system and luminaire manufacturers, including LED device and system manufacturers in conjunction with their luminaire manufacturing partners. All entrants must provide production-quality luminaires or fully-operative prototypes, which must be designed for white light, general illumination applications.

Entry categories

1) Market-Ready Luminaires

Entries will be accepted in the Market-Ready Luminaires category if the products are in or near production and ready for specification.Applications are not restricted, but sponsors are particularly interested in the following:

  • Luminaires capable of meeting the technical requirements set forth in the ENERGYSTAR Solid State Lighting (SSL) criteria for solid state lighting: under-cabinet shelf-mounted lights, portable desk/task lights, and recessed downlights.
  • Luminaires for other general illumination applications, including but not limited to: cove lighting, valence lighting, pendants, wall washers, wall sconces, accent lighting, refrigerated and non-refrigerated retail display case lighting, exterior architectural lights, facade lighting, street and area lighting, and pedestrian pathway lighting.
2) Emerging Products

Products that are not yet market-ready will be accepted in the Emerging Products category, which encourages new, innovative ideas for application of white LEDs to solve lighting design problems. Luminaires as well as LEDs and LED systems designed for integration into furniture, equipment, or architectural or structural elements are eligible.


Next Generation Luminaires judges will be drawn from across the architectural lighting design community, creating a diverse panel of experts who design, specify, evaluate, research, and write about commercial SSL luminaires.

Judges will be evaluating the luminaires on:

  • Color appearance
  • Color rendering
  • Appropriate illuminance
  • Appropriate luminance
  • Application efficiency
  • Aesthetic appearance and style
  • Serviceability and replacement
Because LED technology continues to improve rapidly, but quality and availability can vary greatly across different products, the competition will recognize not only best-in-class winners but also multiple merit-worthy products in each category. The resulting competition marketing materials will be an excellent resource for lighting specifiers seeking quality LED products currently ready for specification.


The Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA), the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD), and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) are the partners/organizers of the competition.

For more information:

Winners will be announced in early 2009. Competition requirements and online submission information are available at