CoolLED Ltd. signs licensing agreement with Carl Zeiss

Aug. 5, 2008
Carl Zeiss MicroImaging GmbH has bought CoolLED's precisExcite LED fluorescence excitation system in the US, giving US microscope users access to the technology.
CoolLED Ltd. has announced a licensing agreement with Carl Zeiss MicroImaging GmbH for the sale of the precisExcite LED fluorescence excitation system in the USA.

The granting of the license by Carl Zeiss now allows all microscope users in the USA access to the LED excitation technology developed by CoolLED.

The precisExcite modular system precisExcite is a flexible and modular system using interchangeable LED array modules to provide excitation across the visible spectrum. precisExcite is integrated with many of the imaging software packages from microscope and imaging companies.

"We are pleased to have reached this agreement with Zeiss. LEDs are the future for fluorescence excitation. There is considerable interest from US cell biologists and we can now supply precisExcite to meet their needs," said Jim Beacher, business manager for precisExcite.

The LEDs in precisExcite are actively cooled to ensure high intensity, good stability and long lifetime. The system comprises a main unit which powers and cools the LED array modules; a manual control pod; light-guides which connect the unit to a combining collimator which then fits directly onto the microscope; and an adaptor which fits all current microscopes.

Excitation of fluorophores can be achieved by selecting the appropriate wavelength LED array modules from CoolLED’s range of available wavelengths. These are interchangeable depending on which fluorophores chosen.

There are two configurations for precisExcite: standard collimator and the pE-2 collimator. The standard unit is suitable for most fluorescence applications and as a secondary light source for Confocal systems. The pE-2 configuration has a more sophisticated collimator which is particularly suitable for Live Cell imaging and fast-switching (~300 microsec) applications.