Philips SSLS licenses LED patents to Renaissance Lighting

March 26, 2008
The former Color Kinetics has ended a patent dispute with Renaissance Lighting by licensing its global patent portfolio.
Philips SSLS, formerly Color Kinetics, has licensed its worldwide patent portfolio to Renaissance Lighting of Herndon, Virginia.

The global license agreement ends litigation previously brought by Color Kinetics against Renaissance, and will apply in all markets covered by Philips SSLS' patent portfolio.

The deal will allow Renaissance to offer its own intelligent LED lighting products, as well as to use Philips SSLS's core technology in other new product development.

Renaissance Lighting's own patented lighting systems are utilized by architects and space designers using a technique which blends light from multiple LEDs to produce a single source. The company's technology integrates internal sensors that constantly monitor and adjust light output and color. These same sensors have the ability to activate sleeper LEDs that compensate for the gradual degradation of a fixture's original LEDs during their 50,000- to 70,000-hour life span.

Philips SSLS' patent portfolio focuses on a range of digital technologies and methods of controlling LED sources for a variety of lighting applications and environments.

Barry Weinbaum, Renaissance Lighting CEO, said that the deal would move Renaissance Lighting another step closer to its goal of becoming an important player in the solid-state lighting space. "The realization that we have acquired immediate access to global patents and the global markets they represent is a huge reinforcement of our strategy to expand Renaissance Lighting's footprint and customer base while rapidly increasing shareholder value. We are being positioned to bring the advantages of LEDs and the dynamic impact they will have on the future of architectural lighting design."

Bill Sims, CEO, Philips SSLS, said "The power of our patented inventions makes it possible to customize environments with light as never before, and we continue to grant access to these inventions in part to help fuel greater adoption. We believe that Renaissance Lighting has a unique approach to color mixing that complements our own core method, and the combination should result in some powerful products."