LED Business News: Philips, Osram, EMerge Alliance, InfiniLED, Zett Optics

July 20, 2011
Philips has reported its quarterly results, Osram has become a stock corporation, EMerge Alliance has announced seven new members, InfiniLED has launched, and Zett Optics has acquired the major assets of Lite-Licht.
Philips reports quarterly results

Philips has reported sales of EUR 7.6 billion ($10.7 billion) for its Lighting division in the 12 months ended June 2011. The breakdown by product area (see graph) shows that 6% of sales, or roughly EUR 450 million ($640 million), was from packaged LEDs.

Philips’ external sales of LED lighting in the same period amounted to EUR 1.1 billion, of which 40% was from packaged LEDs and 60%, or around EUR 660 million ($930 million), was from LED lamps and luminaires. Sales of LED lighting were up 11.5% in the second quarter of 2011, compared with the same quarter of 2010.

Philips now expects the global lighting market to grow at a CAGR of around 5-7% from 2011 to 2015, reaching EUR 80 billion. Market estimates made last year suggested that the CAGR would be 7-9%. Growth will be driven by “rapid adoption of LED-based lighting solutions,” said Philips, although LED lighting will still be less than half of the overall market by 2015.

Osram becomes stock corporation

Osram, the Germany-based lighting company and subsidiary of Siemens, has fulfilled an important requirement ahead of its planned IPO (initial public offering) later this year.

Osram has officially changed its legal form from GmbH (limited liability company) to Aktiengesellschaft (stock corporation) (AG). “Today, we took an important step towards the intention to become an independent company,” said Wolfgang Dehen, Chairman of the Managing Board of Osram AG.

Osram AG’s authorized capital is now allocated in shares, and all shares are (currently) held by Siemens AG. The conversion does not affect customers, employees or business associates. View Osram’s press release for more details.

EMerge Alliance announces new members

The EMerge Alliance, an open industry association that promotes the rapid adoption of direct-current (DC) power distribution standards for commercial buildings, has announced seven new members, including GE Energy and Intel Corp.

The Alliance is conducting a collaborative effort to bring the benefits of hybrid AC-DC power architectures to occupied spaces, data centers, building services and outdoor applications. Its vision is to generate a family of DC power distribution standards that meet the evolving needs of businesses and facilities today.

In brief…

InfiniLED Limited has been launched as a spinout from the Tyndall National Institute, part of Ireland’s University College Cork, in order to commercialize the organization’s Micro LED technology.

Zett Optics Group has acquired the major assets of Lite-Licht GmbH of Herzebrock-Clarholz, Germany, to further develop energy-efficient lighting technology. “This transaction provides a great potential in combining Zett Optics’ experience in LED technology with the product range of Lite-Licht to even better meet our customers’ requirements,” said Matthias Dämmig, managing director of Zett Optics. The newly founded company will trade under the name Zett Lite Lighting GmbH (ZLL).