Itswell licenses white LED technology from Intematix

May 3, 2005
Intematix Corporation of Moraga, California has completed another white LED technology licensing agreement with Itswell Co., Ltd. of Cheongwon Chungbuk, Korea.

The deal follows similar agreements with Taiwan’s AOT and Korea’s LumiMicro (see Patents: Blue and white LEDs).

Itswell, which manufactures LED chips and lamps as well as SMD devices, will use the Intematix patent-protected phosphor to manufacture white LEDs.

"We have collaborated with Itswell in creating a highly optimized phosphor that matches their chip selection,” said Intematix CEO Ruediger Stroh. Intematix's proprietary Discovery Engines allow rapid tuning of a phosphor's properties to meet specific customer needs.

“Itswell is not only focused on the Korea market but we are also focused on export opportunities throughout the world,” said Soon-Jae Yu, Itswell's CEO. “Our customers in Japan, the US and Europe are world leaders and demand LEDs based on best-in-class, infringement-free chip, packaging and phosphor technologies.”