XL Video, Barco and TIR provide visual thrills

Oct. 5, 2005
XL Video has supplied multiple Barco screens for the Jamiroquai concert tour, while TIR has provided decorative lighting in a Japanese amusement center.
XL Video UK is supplying the current Jamiroquai “Dynamite” world tour with a visual backdrop measuring 48 ft wide by 20 ft high. The design was created by Vince Foster, a leading exponent in the art of video and lighting integration.

For Jamiroquai, Foster is using 15 surfaces of half-populated (chequer-board style) Barco O-lite screen onstage, hung in three staggered layers, making a visual electronic backdrop for the stage. 40 James Thomas Pixelline columns in between the sections of O-Lite

Using the O-lite surfaces as another light source, both mediums (lighting and video) are seamlessly collaged into a dynamic, elegant, colourful and animated ‘visual’ show.

The backdrop comprises five landscape O-lite screens at the lowest level (3 panels wide, 5 high), five portrait ones above (5 panels high, 3 wide) and the final layer at the top, which is five truss-border-style landscape pieces of O-Lite framing the top edge.

“It's one canvas” says Foster, “But it splits naturally into 15 screens, and has the additional advantage of looking great with lighting shining onto it from the front or through it from behind”.

The high resolution SMD 10 mm pitch O-Lite panels (each mini panel containing 8 x 11 pixels) were purchased brand new by XL from Barco for the tour and are proving incredibly quick to rig and very reliable.

3rd Planet Hamamatsu Plaza, Japan

Opened in October 2004, the 3rd Planet Hamamatsu Plaza is an amusement park in Hamamatsu-City, Shizuoka-Ken, Japan.

Operating from 9am until midnight, the amusement park offers video and other games to people of all ages.

TIR Systems’ color-changing Destiny CV luminaires are positioned along the base of the frosted glass surfaces located in the entranceway to the park, providing a backlit/uplight wall wash.

Combined with TIR’s color-changing programming, the narrow-cove optics deliver a visually interesting decorative lighting effect in the entranceway that transitions visitors from the outside world into the entertaining fantasy world of video games and other amusements.

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