Nichia and Radiant Imaging support LED-based lighting design

June 7, 2005
Radiant Imaging and Nichia Corporation have announced a partnership intended to support designers of LED-based lighting systems for applications such as signage, display backlights, automotive and aviation instrument panels, and traffic lights. Nichia is the world's leading high-brightness LED manufacturer while Radiant Imaging supplies imaging systems for light and color measurement.

As part of the deal, Radiant Imaging will fully characterize the output of Nichia's most popular InGaN LEDs (including SMD Type Power LED and Top View series) by generating Radiant Source Models of these products.

Nichia will also purchase a number of ProSource software licenses from Radiant Imaging, along with the rights to resell or redistribute these, together with the Radiant Source Models of its products. Radiant Source Models are highly accurate software models that fully characterize a light source’s angular and spatial luminance characteristics. ProSource software allows full data analysis and ray generation from any Radiant Source Model data file, and also enables its use with most major illumination design software packages.

“LED are being used as the light source in increasingly sophisticated and complex display and illumination systems,” notes Kevin Chittim, Radiant Imaging VP of marketing & sales. “The use of our Radiant Source Models and ProSource software enables illumination designers to successfully tackle these problems, produce optimum designs, and also minimize time-to-market by accurately modeling system behavior in software, rather than having to rely on time-consuming prototype iterations.”