Lighthouse LED screen makes optimum use of real estate

June 27, 2005
A Dutch real estate agent has employed the power of LED display technology to sell more properties.
Just over a year ago, Dutch systems integrator Hecla Professional Audio & Video Specialists met with real estate agent Flipse to advise them on how to get the biggest impact when advertising their company’s selection of properties for sale. Now, they have an eye-catching Lighthouse Technologies’ LED video screen installed on the side of their building in Dronten, Holland.
Flipse screen “Flipse was looking at using a digital screen to offer their clients a variety of services,” explains Hecla’s Marketing and Sales Director Jos den Hartog. “There were several options – magazines, photographs in the shop window, etc - but they were looking for new and exciting ideas that would create the maximum possible impact.”

Hecla advised Flipse that if they were to achieve the constant attention they wanted, an LED video screen was the ideal solution and should show not only the real estate available for sale, but also information that was of benefit to the local community.

The newly installed Lighthouse P19 LED video screen, measures 3x3 panels (3.66 x 2.76m), has an impressive 5000 nit of brightness - enough to cope with even direct sunlight, an important consideration when installing an outdoor screen. It employs Lighthouse’s unique M4 technology, uniformity control and full remote diagnostic feedback.

Hecla has provided Flipse not only with the LED screen, but a complete customised, integrated system, including screens inside the agency, two 40 inch LCD screens in the managing director’s office and a kiosk running the same information. All of this is fully automated and connected to Flipse’s website.

"To meet Flipse’s requirements we also developed a special framework for the screen," continues den Hartog. "The screen is positioned very close to the wall, but you can pull it towards you, allowing it to sit away from the wall; it also has surfaces that can be pulled down to allow engineers to stand them for any maintenance that might be necessary."

"Part of the attraction of screens such as this is that they benefit everyone in the locality. The Flipse screen is on a continuous video loop that shows a clock, and a weather forecast for the current and following day, as well as details of properties for sale – pictures, locations, prices, size in square metres, etc."

He adds that there’s been lots of interest in the frame as well as the screen itself, and that Hecla will be using the same system for another customer in Eindhoven for a forthcoming installation in the market square there.