Leotek LED luminaire targets roadway lighting

Nov. 24, 2005
A LED luminaire provides low-level lighting for local roadways with half the power consumption of a high-pressure sodium lamp.
Leotek Electronics has released the SL-48W series high-brightness LED luminaire, available as a cobra head retrofit, box light insert or as a new install custom fixture.

According to John Adinolfi, director of marketing and engineering for Leotek, the SL-48W utilizes the latest most efficient high-lumen white LEDs, and contains a total of 48 emitters.

The SL-48W provides illuminance of nearly one and one half-foot candela in a type 2 distribution, and is designed to provide low-level lighting for local roadways in medium pedestrian conflict areas. (Type 2 refers to an industry standard distribution in an oval pattern with different illuminance levels within specified zones.)

The luminaire has an on-board power-factor-corrected power supply and operates from 90-265 VAC consuming only 60 watts of power.

Adinolfi says that the new product provides similar illuminance levels to a 100 W high-pressure sodium (HPS) lamp. Including ballast draw, the total power consumption of the HPS lamp would be around 120 W, or twice as much as the LED luminaire.

"The LED luminaire is able to achieve similar illuminance levels with fewer lumens," he says. "There is a sharper cut-off, which aids in the prevention of light pollution. The optics put the light where it needs to go, so there is not a lot of wasted light."

Another advantage of LEDs compared with HPS lamps relates to the visibility of the lamp due to its higher color rendering.

"The SL-48W series has received phenomenal interest," says Adinolfi. "The low wattage compared to a HPS lamp and the high illuminance achieved is allowing jurisdictions options never before possible. There is skepticism at first which is understandable in a competitive market but after review of the IES files and first hand evaluation, we are making believers out of the doubters."

Leotek Electronics has operations in California and Taiwan with sales offices throughout the world.