Super Vision LED pool light features Lamina array

Nov. 1, 2005
Super Vision has introduced a very bright LED pool light using an LED array supplied by Lamina Ceramics.
Every home should have one Super Vision International has introduced what it describes as "the world's brightest LED pool light" at the National Spa & Pool Institute (NSPI) trade show in Orlando, Florida.

The new SaVi(TM) Pool Light utilizes ceramic chip-on-board high-density LED array technology from Lamina Ceramics.

Super Vision has incorporated Lamina's array with its own technology to produce an underwater pool light with unmatched purity and richness in color from an LED source. The new SaVi Pool Light fits into a standard spa niche, for lower installation cost and better aesthetics of the pool.

"We are very excited about this new product platform and the breakthrough IP on which it is based," stated Mike Bauer, Vice President of Sales & Marketing. "Our partnership with the team at Lamina Ceramics and the incredible performance of these new products clearly positions Super Vision as the new leader in Pool and Spa lighting technology."

The new SaVi Pool Light comes in both a pool and spa version and is available in both 120 and 12 Volts. It comes with a choice of either a built in control system or as part of the Symphony of Light package. This package features an easy to use programming system to control an entire system of pool lights, spa lights, water features, XStream laminars, landscape lighting, patio and other backyard feature lights to create an entire backyard LED lighting experience.

"This new product incorporates several advances in technology and is the cornerstone of an entire new line of products Super Vision calls its Symphony of Light," said Paul Koren, Director of Sales for Pool/Spa Lighting. "With a choice of stand-alone or fully controllable versions, the pool owner can now create dramatic lighting effects in their pool and spa like never before."

Taylor Adair, President and CEO of Lamina Ceramics stated, "The Super Vision engineering team has done an exceptionally thorough job in design which incorporates their years of experience and insight in designing robust, innovative products. As a result, these products are excellent examples of what can be achieved today with LED lighting."