Lighting projects: Tryka, Metropolis & i-Vision

Nov. 22, 2005
Tryka lights Four Seasons Hotel spa
Four Seasons spa The luxurious Four Seasons chain of hotels has just opened its first branded hotel in Hong Kong. Situated in the International Finance Centre area, it features a health spa on the 59th floor. The stunning lighting design in the pool area was specified by Martin Cook of Cook & Associates Design Consultants Ltd, UK, and installed by LightworkX Limited, Hong Kong.

At total of 34 Tryka Module 12 IP68 fittings with oval optics were installed around the pool to illuminate the surrounding imposing columns, with a further 6 Module 12 IP68 fittings with 15º optics flash-mounted inside the pool to create a strong beam of light underwater.

Four Seasons spa Matthew Sze – LightworkX Limited’s Project Sales Director – enthuses: “The Tryka Module 12 IP68 installed in the pool make for a really dramatic effect – giving guests the impression of swimming through a pool of light – whilst the units placed by the columns give the whole area a peaceful and relaxing feeling, ideal for the health spa setting.”

Metropolis at the Darli Bar

Darli bar Metropolis AV has supplied its Met3 LED lighting for an installation at the Darli Bar in Warrington, northern England, to illuminate two stunning glass walls in the newly opened art-house bar with dancefloor.

The glass block walls are both 7 metres long, ceiling to floor, running along the back of the venue’s two bar serving areas. They are both lit with 10 strips of 600 mm 75 mm pitch unlensed Met3 strips, complete with Met3 PSUs.

Darli bar

The strips are located at the top and bottom of the walls flooding up and downwards for a dense, even coverage. Metropolis also supplied a 20 scene programmable and selectable controller. The results are absolutely spectacular, introducing colour, atmosphere and vibe into the venue, which is pitched, style wise, as a mix between an art gallery and a drinking and dancing space.

The LEDs are set to a rainbow chase as standard, but Bond can change patterns or colours as he wishes. During the day the walls are usually left white.

i-Vision Wrap & Rolls in Cardiff
Wrap & Roll

Wrap & Roll is Cardiff city centre’s newest, freshest, funkiest and coolest sandwich shop.

Owner Dylan Reardon-Smith wanted it to stand out from the crowd so he asked Chepstow-based architectural and feature lighting specialists I-Vision to design an eye-catching lighting scheme.

To add atmosphere in the seating area, i-Vision’s Dave Mackay installed 7 Lumos 3 LED down-lighters complete with 6 degree lenses, ensconced in the ceiling. These create shafts of colour changing light.

Wrap & Roll At night, the shop is closed, but the lights remain on a colour changing chase, creating an extremely bright colourful window along the street, constantly drawing attention to the outlet.

In the main shop and serving area, i-Vision has supplied recessed fluorescents fitted into three “troughs” in the ceiling, two at 6 metres and one at 3.5 metres in length. The counter and serving areas are lit with six ES111s, while the entrance stairway is lit with 7 blue Lumos 1 Light Jets, beaming horizontally across the stair treads.

The installed colour changing LED fixtures all have their colour changing functions controlled via the new Lumos 36 driver’s inbuilt programmes. The menu is fed from a PC running a multimedia software package, and that same PC also stores and runs the background music sources.