U.S. industry alliance applauds Energy Policy Act

Aug. 15, 2005
A solid-state lighting industry alliance in the U.S. has been boosted by the recently signed Energy Policy Act, and has just added Color Kinetics to its membership.
The Next Generation Lighting Industry Alliance (NGLIA), an industry group promoting the solid-state lighting industry in the U.S., has applauded the newly signed U.S. Energy Policy Act, which mandates the formation of the Next Generation Lighting Initiative.

As part of the energy bill, the DOE was instructed to form a partnership with an industry alliance, and the NGLIA was selected for this role through a competitive solicitation.

"The NGLIA is pleased that the Energy Policy Act recognizes the need for an Industry Alliance to ensure the benefits of solid-state lighting are fully realized," says Todd Graves, Chairman of the NGLIA, who is Business Program Manager for Consumer and Industrial programs at GE's Global Research Center.

"Our Alliance, which is open to any private, for-profit firm substantially active in solid state lighting research, development, infrastructure, or manufacturing in the United States, is able to provide insight to the DOE on the state of the art in solid state lighting research, can provide assessments of the progress of the DOE's research program, and can help update technology roadmaps for the research program.

Graves says that the NGLIA is looking forward to a productive relationship with the Department of Energy (DOE) and the rest of the solid-state lighting community.

"The Alliance is also pleased that the Energy Policy Act authorizes the DOE to spend $50 million per year on solid state lighting research, development, and demonstration activities," continued Graves. "This will accelerate the realization of the energy savings potential of solid-state lighting." The Alliance is comprised of private, for-profit firms substantially active in solid-state lighting (LED and OLED) research, development, infrastructure, or manufacturing in the U.S.

Graves told LEDs Magazine that the NGLIA currently has 12 members, and that the group is actively seeking to increase the membership.

In fact, the number has already increased by one with the addition of Color Kinetics, the Boston-based LED lighting equipment manufacturer.

“On the heels of Monday’s landmark signing of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, we’re pleased to align with both government and industry leaders through the NGLIA to help bring solid-state lighting to the national and global forefront," said Bill Sims, President and CEO, Color Kinetics. "This includes supporting the research, development, and education required for solid-state lighting to cross the threshold into general illumination.”