Color Kinetics awarded patent for intelligent pool and spa lights

March 24, 2005
Color Kinetics has announced the issuance of its third patent relating to intelligent pool and spa lights.
Issued March 22, 2005, US patent number 6,869,204 relates in part to the mechanical advancements made in Color Kinetics' intelligent solid-state pool and spa lights. For example, the technology covered by the patent was applied to make a thin light, which reduces the size of a niche and enables a surface mounted light.

"We are pleased with this additional patent protection of Color Kinetics' intellectual property in the pool and spa space, where our technology has gained significant traction through our OEM and licensing relationships," said George Mueller, Chairman and CEO, Color Kinetics. "We will continue to protect the diverse applications of our innovations in vertical markets outside of the traditional lighting space."

Color Kinetics holds two additional US patents relating to various aspects of color-controllable pool and spa lighting systems, including retrofit systems and custom solutions designed to exhibit the practical and aesthetic benefits of intelligent solid-state lighting. The company has additional patent applications pending in this area.

Color Kinetics now holds 38 patents and has over 130 patent applications pending that apply to many aspects of solid-state lighting technology.

The newest patent is a continuation of claims tracing back to Color Kinetic's original patent number 6,016,038, filed in August 1997. The patent states "this application claims the benefit as a continuation-in-part (CIP) of US non-provisional application 09/669,121, filed Sept 25, 2000, now in US patent no. 6,806,659, entitled MULTICOLORED LED LIGHTING METHOD AND APPARATUS, which is a continuation of US 09/425,770, filed Oct. 22, 1999, now US patent no. 6,150,774, which is a continuation of US 08/920,156, filed Aug. 26, 1997, now US patent no. 6,016,038.

As those skilled in the art are aware, the 038 and 774 patents are at the heart of the legal battle between Color Kinetics and Super Vision.