Carmanah wins orders for solar-powered LED airfield lighting

March 17, 2005
Carmanah Technologies Corporation has been contracted to supply solar-powered LED runway lighting for two runways undergoing resurfacing and pavement upgrades. The orders are valued at approximately Cdn$156,000 and Cdn$235,000 (for a total of Cdn$391,000, or US$324,000).

The first order was for Carmanah's solar-powered LED runway edge and caution lights to be used for emergency backup lighting on a secondary runway at the Nassau International Airport in the Bahamas. An estimated one million people utilize the 11,000 ft runway at the Nassau International Airport each year and there are approximately 500 landings and take-offs everyday.

Nassau International purchased the 150 units of Carmanah's solar-powered airfield lights as part of a US$40 million reconstruction project currently underway. The order comprised of runway edge lights, runway caution lights (with split amber/white LEDs), and threshold lights (with split red/green LEDs) and will be shipped this quarter.

Carmanah's solar-powered LED technology will be used as backup lighting in the event of a power failure or other emergency. Once installed, Carmanah's lights can be activated within 10 seconds of runway light failure and will provide bright, reliable dusk-to-dawn operation.

"This is another example of how we are following our strategic plans to break into the civil aviation market," states Art Aylesworth, Carmanah's CEO. "Reconstruction projects give us a great opportunity to showcase Carmanah's airfield lights. Carmanah's solar-powered LED airfield lights can be installed quickly, and then moved to another location and used again after the project ends."

The second airfield lighting order, in the amount of Cdn$235,000, was placed by a US defense customer. This order comprised of 334 units of taxiway edge, runway edge, runway caution and runway threshold airfield lights. Carmanah is pleased to report the entire order was delivered within two business days. These lights will be installed on a temporary runway at the air base to enable uninterrupted operations while construction takes place. Once the upgrades are complete, the lights will then be used permanently for dual runway operations.

With more than 20,000 installations worldwide, Carmanah is the primary supplier of solar-powered LED airfield lighting to commercial, private and defense airfields. For more information, visit Carmanah's aviation web site at