CES exhibits herald the arrival of televisions based on LEDs

Feb. 28, 2006
LEDs provide many advantages for microdisplay-based rear projection TVs, and many consumer products will be launched in 2006, according to Chris Chinnock of Insight Media.
While many in the high-brightness LED field are focused on specialty lighting and, eventually, general illumination applications, there has been a small but dedicated effort to use LEDs in projection systems – in particular, rear-projection TV (RPTV). Now this effort is coming to fruition.

At January’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) there were five public demonstrations of RPTVs using LED light sources from Samsung, Akai, HP, JVC and Sanyo, with several models planned for introduction in 2006.

If you think rear-projection TVs are the big, dim and fuzzy sets based on cathode-ray tube (CRT) technology, think again. In the last couple of years, new RPTVs using microdisplays – tiny electronic displays less than an inch in diagonal – have swept through the industry, capturing big market share and rapidly sending CRT-based RPTVs into oblivion.


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