Crowds flock to electronica trade show to see LEDs in action

Dec. 18, 2006
Lighting, displays, mobile phones and automotive were among the applications targeted by LED makers, driver IC suppliers and other exhibitors at electronica.
The electronica trade show, a prominent feature of the electronics industry calendar held every two years in Munich, Germany, took place this year on November 13-16.

Seoul Semiconductor launched its new Acriche AC LED. The modules contain either two or four LEDs and can be connected directly to an AC LED supply.

Lexedis unveiled the nanoXED, which produces 25 lm from a tiny 2.5 x 2.5 x 0.6 mm package, at a current of 200 mA. The package is unique in that it is machined from silicon, and Lexedis has made another breakthrough by eliminating chromatic binning via very tight process control.

Roal Electronics, a digital power management company based in Italy, showed a number of digital constant-current switch-mode power supplies. The company assembles LED boards and drivers, and works with lighting manufacturers such as SGM. At electronica, Roal showed a proof-of-concept demonstration of an LED lighting fixture for area illumination (e.g. streetlighting) containing 35 one-watt LEDs and using electronics from Roal and optics from Fraen.


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