LEDs Magazine publishing schedule

Dec. 5, 2006
Our publishing schedule is subject to change. Additional events are likely to be added during the year.

Each issue of LEDs Magazine will contain a mixture of technical and review articles, news & analysis, and product information. We respond to ongoing developments within the industry. Please contact the editor if you have any questions about our editorial coverage, or wish to suggest suitable areas of coverage.

Jan/Feb issue 2007:
Booking deadline: January 19
Publication date: February 2
Event distribution:
• Strategies in Light 2007 (USA)
• LED2007 (Netherlands)
• arc07 (UK)
• Phosphor Global Summit (Korea)
• LED China 2007
Planned editorial highlights:
• OLED light sources advance towards the lighting market
• Sustainable lighting - an interview with Dave Irvine-Halliday, founder of the Light Up The World Foundation.
• Standards development with the LED industry
• Conference highlights from the LED Leadership Summit

Suppliers Directory 2007:
Booking deadline: March 2
Publication date: March 23
Event distribution: All events listed below, plus:
• Blue 2007
• Euroluce
Visit the LED Suppliers Directory website.

Mar/Apr issue 2007:
Booking deadline: April 4
Publication date: April 20
Event distribution:
• LightFair International (USA)
• SID 2007 (USA)
• LED Expo 2007 (Korea)
Planned editorial highlights:
• An in-depth report from February's Strategies in Light conference
• LightFair product preview

May/Jun issue 2007:
Booking deadline: May 11
Publication date: May 25
Event distribution:
• EuroLED (UK)
• Opto Taiwan
Planned editorial highlights:
• Special issue: Packaging & Optics

Jul/Aug issue 2007:
Booking deadline: July 6
Publication date: July 20
Event distribution:
• 3rd China (Beijing) International LED Exposition
• 7th International Conference on Solid State Lighting (USA)
• 9th China International Optoelectronic Exposition
• PLASA 2007 (UK)

Sep/Oct issue 2007:
Booking deadline: September 14
Publication date: September 28
Event distribution:
• Light Emitting Diodes 2007 (USA)
• Professional Lighting Designers Convention (UK)

Nov/Dec issue 2007:
Booking deadline: November 9
Publication date: November 23
Event distribution:
• Photonics West 2008 (USA) (others to be announced)