LED Suppliers Directory 2008

The 2008 edition of the LED Suppliers Directory is now available to download from our website.

The 2008 LED Suppliers Directory contains an A-Z Company Directory, listing key suppliers in the LED industry, plus ten Product Sections, showing which companies offer which products:
  • Section 1. LED Packages & Chips
  • Section 2. LED Arrays, Light Engines & Modules
  • Section 3. Optics, Packaging & Thermal Management
  • Section 4. Test & Measurement
  • Section 5. Drivers, Control & Connectors
  • Section 6. Chip Design & Manufacturing
  • Section 7. Networks & Distributors
  • Section 8. LED Lighting
  • Section 9. LED Displays & Signs
  • Section 10. Other Applications

The Directory and all other issues of LEDs Magazine can be downloaded in electronic format as a PDF file (availiable by FREE subscription) and is also available in print format (paid subscription).

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