LEDs help Sentry create greener workplace in Wisconsin

Feb. 27, 2008
Interior and exterior LED lighting in Sentry Equipment's new manufacturing facility are part of a green lighting scheme to reduce energy usage.
Energy efficiency was a key focus for Sentry Equipment Corporation, a leading supplier of sampling components and systems, when it built its new 51,000-square-foot manufacturing and office building in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.
The company went to great lengths to choose everything from window glass to office ceiling materials in line with its commitment to create an energy-efficient environment, and as a result a significant proportion of the building's interior and exterior artificial lighting uses LED technology.

The building’s original lighting design indicated that the company’s fixtures would require about 75 kW. The company reduced their actual lighting load, however, to only about 30 kW through effective use of daylight and high-efficiency artificial lighting. Michael Farrell, CEO of Sentry Equipment Corp., was largely responsible for driving forward the building's green design.

On the exterior of the building, Sentry has installed eight LED pole-mounted lights for parking lot and general area illumination, seven LED wall packs for egress and building exterior illumination, seven LED bollards for walkways and eight under-canopy LED recessed cans.


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