Strategies in Light 2008 focuses on emerging LED applications

May 15, 2008
The ninth annual get-together for the LED industry highlighted the development of LED technologies and standards that are driving us into new and emerging markets, not least general illumination. Tim Whitaker reports from Santa Clara.
With a tagline of “Emerging Applications: Driving the LED Market Forward”, the ninth annual Strategies in Light 2008 took place on February 11-13 in Santa Clara, California. The event attracted over 1000 participants from a total of 28 countries, and there were more than 50 exhibiting companies.

The first day of the event was taken up with several workshops, including a full day on intellectual property, licensing, and strategy, and an afternoon session on drivers. There was also a very well-attended workshop on standards describing current progress in different areas including the new Energy Star labeling program for SSL fixtures, which is linked with and draws from many of the other current standards.

The conference itself was opened by Bob Steele of Strategies Unlimited, who gave his annual update and forecast for the HB-LED market, as summarized on pages 17-18 of this issue. Highlights are included in the video below.

By far the most enthusiastic speaker was Brian Owen, our own Canadian Columnist, who described Toronto’s participation in the LED City organization and many other lighting-related programs. Brian’s review of the LEDiscovery event can be found on pages 42-43.


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