LED lighting – embrace the change, seize the opportunity or become irrelevant (MAGAZINE)

March 22, 2011
The opportunity to make and deliver an SSL product that improves people’s lives is here today, says Terrence Walsh of Tempo Industries.
While LED lighting is a hot topic, there’s a doubter for every proponent. Without question some designers and end users have suffered substandard experiences and high costs with poor ROI. Early inferior solid-state-lighting (SSL) technology, may be leading many to wait on the sidelines. That’s a bad decision. LED technology has arrived for general illumination and industry players can either seize the opportunity or face irrelevance.

So, where are we? Despite all the nay-sayers, LED lighting is rapidly maturing and entering the market. One of the most cogent statements about LED adoption was created by Philips and illustrated, in a slide entitled “Rapid change is coming to lighting,” with the direct statement: “By 2020, 80% of the world’s lighting will be LED.”

Let’s consider some points that may help explain why the transition will happen and what opportunities lie ahead.

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