Mergers and acquisitions will remain a regular feature of the energy-efficient lighting market (MAGAZINE)

Feb. 10, 2011
The energy-efficient lighting category has experienced a substantial amount of strategic acquisition activity for the past several years, and this trend should continue, according to TRISHA HANSEN and DAVID CUMBERLAND.
Top lighting companies are leading the transition of the lighting sector toward energy-efficient lighting (EEL). The market opportunity for energy-efficient lighting is large: the US Department of Energy has estimated the annual sales for the global lighting market at more than $80 billion, with energy-efficient lighting representing only a small percentage of the total. The segment of EEL with the most potential appears to be solid-state lighting (SSL) provided by LEDs, which can result in superior energy efficiency relative to traditional alternatives.

Adapted from the Energy-efficient Lighting report published in late 2010 by Robert W. Baird & Co., this article summarizes the actions and plans designed to enable leading lighting manufacturers to capitalize on the significant growth prospects of energy-efficient lighting.


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