LED lighting begins to mature but must overcome early SSL problems (MAGAZINE)

Feb. 10, 2011
Like many upstart lighting technologies before it, LED lighting has suffered from broken promises, but quality products are emerging that lighting designers can confidently deploy, says CHIP ISRAEL of LIGHTING DESIGN ALLIANCE.
The lighting design field is undergoing a transformation and LEDs are leading the way. Historically, we have seen a new, major, and exciting improvement in the lighting field every few years, only to be disappointed with limitations and failures. Hopefully LED lighting will persevere through early road blocks and deliver on its lofty promises.

History, however, is full of problems with new lighting technologies. Remember the introduction of MR-16 lamps to the United States? They worked great in open, European-styled track heads. We borrowed the technology, stuffed them into miniature downlights, and watched as they melted. While that technology is now mature, we still have clients 20 years later that insist on using other lamps. Bad memories fade slowly, even though the technology continues to improve.


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