An epic year for the LED industry? (MAGAZINE)

April 26, 2011
2011 could be a watershed year in the maturation of the LED industry, and intellectual property and new private companies will play a key role, says DENNIS COSTELLO, Managing Partner of Braemar Energy Ventures.
Spring looks like it is finally breaking through here in Boston after an epic season of snow. But is 2011 going to be an epic year for the LED industry as well? Will 2011 be a breakout year not only in sales but also in mergers, acquisitions and initial public offerings (IPOs)?

At least three major factors are lining up on the positive side of that answer. They are rapid LED sales expansion; the crucial role of patents and intellectual property (IP) in the LED industry; and the rapid growth of private companies in the sector. Let’s examine each of these in a bit more detail.


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