LEDs Magazine Review April 2005 issue

The April 2005 issue of LEDs Magazine Review includes feature articles, analysis, and news and product round-ups.

Color Kinetics and Super Vision move towards their day in court
The Michael Jackson media circus might be the highest-profile trial this year in the US, but not as far as the LED lighting community is concerned.
All eyes are on Boston, where the patent dispute between two rival LED manufacturers, Color Kinetics (CK) and Super Vision (SV), is due to be heard in May.

Industry alliance proposes standard definition for LED life
The Alliance for Solid-State Illumination Systems and Technologies (ASSIST) has developed guidelines for defining and measuring LED life, as a first step toward establishing product standards, writes Jennifer Taylor.

Escaping the bulb culture: the future of LEDs in architectural illumination
The real value proposition for LEDs lies in the transformation from bulb culture to digital light, according to Sheila Kennedy, a passionate advocate of LED technology.

China promotes benefits of solid-state lighting
The Chinese government is funding a national program to position the country as a leader in solid-state lighting.

LED market grew 37% to reach $3.7 billion in 2004
White LEDs and mobile phone applications dominated the high-brightness LED market in 2004, but growth is likely to slow as the handset market saturates.

Implementing LED flash in camera phones
A number of thermal, optical, mechanical and electrical criteria should be considered when designing an LED flash into a camera phone , according to Yeoh Boon Keng, Ko Choon Guan, and Shereen Lim of Agilent Technologies.

LEDs find their niche in architectural lighting
Lighting designer Iain Ruxton thinks that LEDs are "still a bit of a gimmick" although the technology has great potential provided that certain inherent problems can be ironed out.

Solid-state lighting in the automobile: concepts, market timing and performance
Despite the advantages offered by LEDs in automotive front lighting, the technology should not be considered a "plug and play" replacement for either tungsten-halogen or HID lamps, write Tom Pearsall, Eric Mounier, Jean-Christophe Eloy and David Jourdan.

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