Escaping the bulb culture: the future of LEDs in architectural illumination

April 18, 2005
The real value proposition for LEDs lies in the change from bulb culture to digital light. LEDs Magazine spoke with Sheila Kennedy, a passionate advocate of LED technology.
One of the hurdles faced by LED technology as it starts to penetrate general lighting applications is the need to overcome misconceptions about the true value proposition of LEDs. While some are seeking to replace existing fixtures with LED light bulbs, others recognize the new paradigms that are evolving.

Sheila Kennedy, principal of Kennedy & Violich Architecture Ltd (KVA), speaks passionately on this subject. "Semiconductor technology is not part of bulb culture illumination, and very few people understand this," she says. "LEDs offer a new model for light - digital light - with a set of features that completely change the value proposition of light, the relationship between light and information, how consumers experience light, how they control it, how they can use it in their everyday lives."

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