Cyberlux matches attributes of LED lighting to market needs

Oct. 10, 2005
Emergency lighting and defense-related products have set the stage for US solid-state lighting specialist Cyberlux to begin to penetrate the general lighting market. LEDs Magazine spoke with Mark Schmidt, president and COO of Cyberlux, about the company's plans.

On the same day in July that Cree announced a 3 W XLamp product with an output as high as 90 lm, the LED maker announced its first customer. Cyberlux, a solid-state lighting product company and manufacturer based just down the road from Cree in Research Triangle Park, NC, said that it had used Cree's new LED in its RelyOn portable and long-term emergency and work lighting product.

Fig. 1.

According to Mark Schmidt, the RelyOn product would not have been possible without the 3 W XLamp. "The product places a premium on long operating life, and also on very bright light," says Schmidt. "These two requirements made it important that we seek out a high-efficacy, high-lumen product, and Cree was head and shoulders above the competition. We found that the product was easy to work with, and was incorporated very easily into our manufacturing plans."

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