LEDs in the mainstream: technical hurdles and standardization issues

Oct. 10, 2005
A recent conference in the UK focused on the latest developments in LEDs and the ways in which they can be moved into the mainstream lighting market. Tim Whitaker reports.

One of the key issues addressed at the Next LED Generation conference held in London, UK, in mid September was how to bridge the gap between OEMs and end users. Kevan Shaw, managing director of Kevan Shaw Lighting Design, listed the key pieces of information that lighting designers need to know:

Fig. 1.
  • the actual light output of an installed system;
  • a realistic estimate of installation life, based on the ASSIST criteria for example (see www.ledsmagazine.com/articles/features/2/4/5/1);
  • the repeatability of performance for future replacements;
  • honest and accurate efficiency figures;
  • that data are presented in a format that can be compared with other light sources;
  • specific conditions or issues relating to installation and safety and;
  • a method of reliable binning specification in order to maintain visual color integrity.

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