Lednium's three-dimensional LED packages provide wide-angle intensity distribution

Dec. 19, 2005
An Australian company, Lednium, has developed a unique packaging technology for solid-state lighting.
Lednium high-power package Lednium, an LED technology Company based in Melbourne, Australia, has developed what is described as the world’s first three dimensional LED platform for white, monocolor and mixed colour LED arrays. Products include a multichip geodesic-dome-shaped 10W assembly that is available in white, blue, green, amber, red and other configurations such as RGB. The initial production of white devices yield 250lm with a viewing angle of 120 °C.

The products are assembled by mounted chips into cups then placing the cups into a dome-shaped leadframe. Lednium's unique architecture is repeatable in mass production, and can accept all chip architectures, which means it can benefit from future advances in chip technology.

LEDs Magazine spoke with John Montagnat, senior development engineer with Lednium, to discuss details of the company's novel packaging approach.


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