Directional LED technology transforms down lights

July 12, 2012
Date Announced: 12 Jul 2012 LED lights are emerging in a growing number of commercial, industrial and residential applications. Nowhere is this shift more welcome than in directional lighting: Since LEDs waste no lumens by providing focused light, this technology is now employed in many flood and spot light bulbs and down light fixtures.With the longer lifespan inherent to solid state technology, LED recessed lights offer an easy solution for replacing hard-to-reach down lights in ceilings. And since LED lights operate on about a quarter of the wattage of traditional technologies, building managers and homeowners everywhere are enjoying significant savings on their energy bills.LED Waves recently launched its own line of LED recessed lights in response to this growing demand. The small, New York-based company engineered these lights in-house with contractors in mind, to meet and surpass industry standards: ETL listed to UL certifications, Title 24 compliant, and quality tested as LED Lighting Facts® Products by the US Department of Energy.The new LED recessed light from LED Waves is contained within a low profile 87mm package that is already familiar to the industry – LED Waves customers know it as the Midtown. But the new Midtown features CREE XP-G LED chips. These advanced chips represent the most efficient technology on the market. The heat sink has also been redesigned for superior heat dissipation, further lengthening the lifespan of the chips.In addition to sourcing these superior components, LED Waves makes the Midtown in-house in the USA to ensure the best quality control. The new Midtown is available in warm, neutral and cool white; with beam angles ranging from 15 to 45 degrees. The housing comes in your choice of silver, white, or matte black. Call 1(800)986-0169 to order directly from the manufacturer.When shopping for LED lights, make sure to ask for plenty of technical specifications. If a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, an LED fixture should only have the best components inside.

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