Halco Lighting Technologies announces programmed start T8 ballasts

Aug. 7, 2012
Date Announced: 07 Aug 2012 Designed for use in commercial applications with sensors and controls, the ballast provides a gentle but quick start of T8 fluorescent tubes.Norcross, GA. August 7, 2012 – Halco Lighting Technologies® introduces ProLume® High Performance Programmed Start T8 Ballasts to help maximize lamp life, facilitate maintenance and decrease energy costs.Specially designed for use in buildings with occupancy or daylight sensors and in applications with frequent on/off switching, ProLume High Performance Programmed Start T8 Ballasts heat the lamp cathodes with precision prior to applying the starting voltage. This gentler start helps maximize lamp life by reducing cathode degradation. Average rated life for T8 lamps is typically 25% longer when operated together with a ProLume High Performance Programmed Start T8 Ballasts than with an instant start system.Unlike traditional programmed start ballasts, which use a series circuit, ProLume High Performance Programmed Start T8 Ballasts operate in parallel mode. When one lamp in a fixture fails, the remaining lamps continue operating. There is also no need to power down the fixture to replace a lamp. This allows for easier, faster troubleshooting and lower maintenance costs.Normal ballast factor models EP232PS/MV/HE and EP432PS/MV/HE are ideal in offices, school settings, and retail environments that require abundant light levels. Low ballast factor models EP232PS/L/MV/HE and EP432PS/L/MV/HE are perfect for areas that require lower light levels such as restrooms and rooms that are supplemented with daylight, or can be paired with high lumen lamps for normal light levels with reduced energy consumption. These two high efficiency low ballast factor models provide an additional 13-15% energy savings.ProLume High Performance Programmed Start Ballasts are NEMA Premium designated and CEE listed. All ProLume electronic fluorescent ballasts are backed with our 5-year warranty.About Halco Lighting Technologies®Halco Lighting Technologies® is a leading manufacturer of lamps and ballasts designed for industrial/commercial, residential and specialty lighting applications. Halco’s extensive product line includes the following brands: Halco®, Sollos®, ProLED®, ProLume®, HaloXen®, Prism®, ProFormance®, Eco-Shield®, CoverShield® and SureColor®. Established in 1974, the company has U.S. distribution centers in Atlanta, Cleveland, Houston and Phoenix. For more information, visit www.halcolighting.com.

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