Pennsylvania city celebrates 8 years of energy savings with ALSI's AllLED streetlights

Feb. 7, 2014
Date Announced: 07 Feb 2014 In January 2006, Ellwood City, PA made the decision to replace its existing Street Lights with ALLED™ solid state lighting fixtures manufactured by Appalachian Lighting Systems, Inc. (ALSI). ALSI is a Southwestern PA manufacturer of energy‐efficient, high quality commercial‐grade LED lighting fixtures.In what is today believed to be the longest running LED Street Light project in North America, Ellwood City, in conjunction with the PA Department of Environmental Protection Agency, decided to replace its 250 Watt High Pressure Sodium Street Lights back in 2006 with ALLED, 67 Watt Street Lights. Even back in 2006, the ALLED Street Lights included an internal control system that has allowed the Borough to dim the lights down to predetermined light levels during the late evening and early morning hours.In discussing the Borough’s decision to convert its street lights to ALLED LED street lights, then Borough Manager, Dom Viccari, stated “the LED Street Lights not only performed better than we expected, but in monitoring our energy and operational savings, it was determined that for every operational dollar of electricity and maintenance we were spending on our legacy Street Lights, we were now only spending 8 cents on these new ALLED lights. And the light levels and quality are the same or better.”Since the inception of this initial street lighting project with Ellwood City, ALSI has continued to expanded on its product line of extremely energy‐efficient and highly‐reliable LED lighting fixtures to now include the manufacturing of LED fixtures for both exterior and interior commercial and industrial applications.In 2009, in what was considered another industry first, ALSI’s Canopy, Area Down, and Parking Lot lighting fixtures were selected by the Greater Pittsburgh International Airport (GPIA). At the time, the project was the largest LED airport installation in the country. GPIA replaced all canopy fixtures in its parking garage areas, all parking lot lighting fixtures on the garage’s upper parking deck areas and all area down lights at the passenger drop off and pick‐up areas. ALSI continues to see great support and success throughout the Pittsburgh region. Some of its more notable installations throughout the area include The Allegheny County Jail, the Community College of Allegheny County campuses, Allegheny General Hospital, and the City of New Kensington.Building upon its lighting control systems innovations dating back to 2006, ALSI is believed to be the first manufacture in the world to offer a totally integrated wireless control and monitoring system inside its lights for both its indoor and exterior product lines. The wireless control and monitoring system, ALLink™, allows the end user to communicate with individual or groups of fixtures, adjust the light levels throughout the day or evening, eliminate the traditional external photo cell (which other companies have had to utilize to control lights on and off), monitor energy usage, and receive maintenance alerts via text message or e‐mail.ALSI was also the first LED lighting manufacture to offer a true replacement for 1000 Watt industrial/warehouse high bay lights. In 2010, the General Motors Lordstown Stamping Plant became the largest indoor facility in North America to convert all of its 1000 Watt high bays, choosing the 320 Watt ALLED High Bay Series. The Lordstown Complex has to date replaced in excess of 5,000 lights in its approximately 7 million square foot facility, with the ALLED High Bay/Low Bay product series.In addition to the General Motors Lordstown Stamping Plant, ALSI has continued to do business throughout General Motors and is now doing business with companies such as Chrysler, Gerdau Steel, Pittsburgh Corning, and many others throughout the US, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia and Asia Pac.For more information on the Ellwood City Street Light project or the ALLED™ Brand of LED lighting fixtures, please visit the ALSI website at And be sure to check back this Spring for another ALSI ALLED product announcement that will take the LED lighting industry by storm!

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