Spanish LED manufacturer Zytech gets DLC certification for LED tubes

Feb. 24, 2014
Date Announced: 24 Feb 2014 The Spanish Factory Zytech is the first European company to achieve this certificate Zytech LED gets the DLC certification in US for its most innovative LED tubesThe LEDS tubes made by the Spanish Company Zytech LED have obtained the DLC Certification in US. This achievement suppose for the Spanish manufacturer to be the first European Company in having this certification for its LEDs.The DLC (Design Light Consortium) Certification confirms the efficiency of the LED products, and reunites all the American Electrical Companies. To get incentives (rebates) in the US it is mandatory that installed products have this Certificate. It is the case for T8 tubes of 19.5 W from Zytech Led, approved by US Energy Department. Thanks to that customers are incentivized with 0.12 USD per kWh and a financing line of 0% interest at 3 years. This allows the American customer the substitution of conventional tubes by LED tubes at a real investment cost of 0 USD at end of useful life, because due to savings generated by its lower consumption compared to conventional tubes the investment is recovered in a few years or even months, if heavily used.The Zyled T8 12S consumes 18W without ballast and internal driver, and 19.5W using the ballast, either magnetic or electronic and instant (the LEDs work without reactants nor ballast). This tube has a light flux higher than 2050 lumen in the CCT3800K version, and is one of the most efficient tubes in the market. Its design and characteristics allow the direct substitution of a fluorescent tube by this LED model without any installation modification, and it is the first model in the market approved by DLC who has a double use function, because the same unit works at direct connection if needed, removing the reactants and ballast. In this case, the Zyled T8 12S is unique among competitors by having a driver that is able to work with and without reactants. This product has been granted a success since its introduction in the US and many engineering and distribution companies are working with this model in California for complying with title 24 starting in January 2014, because it fulfills all the prerequisites set by the Administration and Utilities in California.The Zytech LED Company currently focuses its efforts on expanding its production lines in order to obtain other incentives in USA. As a matter of fact, in the next months the company foresees to present a new luminaire line with Energy Star Certification, the most efficient and lowest consumption than ever before.The Zytech LED Company is still the European leader in the US market, and this year has obtained a 20% growth on its sales over the past year.This year, Zytech's family of GX/GQ G23/G24 LED bulbs was approved by ETL/UL in USA, which also made Zytech LED the first company with this product and the certification thereof in America. The G Family Zytech LED bulbs have powers from 5 to 13W 1100Lm and greater; lifetime is more than 30,000 hours; they do not contain mercury or any toxic substance, nor emit infrared or ultraviolet; and are equipped with transparent cover or opaque (frost).Energy Star Certification Obtaining ETL/UL certifications is already a milestone achieved by the company with corporate headquarters in Zaragoza, as Zytech LED is the first and only manufacturer of Spanish LEDs and one of the few European companies that have Energy Star certified lighting products. Obtaining this certification is a prerequisite for the electricity distribution companies in the EU to accept the product for rebate programs and incentives that allow rapid return on investment.To earn the Energy Star certification, products must undergo long and hard evaluation to prove the efficiency, quality, durability and safety of products, such as tests of 6000 hours to demonstrate that they meet the highest specifications. Among these, achieving the highest technical quality and durability, significant energy savings, performance, certain conditions of temperature, high efficiency and no losses in the long run. Lighting products certified by Energy Star also have a minimum 5 year warranty and a lifetime of between 35,000 and 50,000 hours, and meet high requirements for brightness and color range.Zytech LEDThe Spanish group Zytech, dedicated to the manufacture of photovoltaic modules (Zytech Solar), mini wind turbines (Zytech Aerodyne) and electric vehicles (Zytel), added to its production of a new line called Zytech LED products, which is manufacturing tubes, spotlights, LED bulbs and lamps. This new activity is carried out in the production facilities of Zytech Solar, which owns 100% of the group.The company, with corporate headquarters in Zaragoza and production plants in China and Spain, has thus diversified its activity with revolutionary LED technology, which among its many advantages has a much higher efficiency than all previous or current technologies (incandescent, halogen, fluorescent efficiency... ), longer life, instant on, great tolerance for on-and-off and continuous use, and significant energy savings. This new line of business is within the philosophy of Zytech group markets related to renewable energy products, sustainable mobility and energy conservation and efficiency. Also, new products are known for their excellent value and durability.Zytech GroupZytech has its corporate headquarters in Zaragoza (Spain), and international offices in Italy, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, USA, Mexico, Chile, Hong Kong and China. 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