Digital Lumens Digital Light Agent products enable smart lighting fixtures and systems

May 28, 2014

DLAs Make Existing Fixtures “LightRules-Ready” and Part of Intelligent Lighting System

BOSTON -- Digital Lumens, the leader in intelligent LED lighting systems, unveiled the Digital Light Agent (DLA) product family, a stand-alone lighting control solution that transforms any fixture from any manufacturer into a LightRules®-Ready member of an Intelligent Lighting System.

This approach brings Digital Lumens’ signature intelligence and control to a wide variety of new applications where lighting control and distributed intelligence and sensing drive value and efficiency. DLAs encapsulate Digital Lumens’ patented intelligence, sensing, full-range dimming and wireless networking into a suite of standalone products that provide control over any fixture -- LED or legacy -- or group of fixtures. Adding DLAs to an existing fixture can reduce a fixture's energy usage by up to 90 percent and accelerate project paybacks -- all while sharing data with LightRules for a comprehensive approach to lighting management and efficiency. With the flexibility to deploy at varying levels of granularity -- from individual fixtures to circuits -- DLAs support any environment and its particular needs. “The widespread adoption of Digital Lumens’ intelligent lighting networks has created an appetite for managing any lighting as part of the system,” said Brian Chemel, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Digital Lumens. “By distilling our powerful, patented distributed intelligence technologies into a small, easily deployed form factor, we are able to bring the benefits of intelligent lighting to any environment.” “With LightRules and the Intelligent Lighting System deployed in our warehouse, we found that we were missing that same level of visibility about energy use and occupancy patterns in our other spaces,” said Lorenzo Wood, Facility Maintenance and Compliance Manager of Stop and Shop. “With the DLAs added to the fixtures in our office, we now have the ability to manage our lighting assets with easy access to energy data, lighting profiles, occupancy information, and more – all from a single software platform.” Stop and Shop worked with Groom Energy, a leading energy-efficiency services company, to implement their intelligent LED lighting solutions to maximize efficiency. The DLA product family transforms any Digital-Control-Ready (DCR) into an intelligent fixture capable of occupancy detection, daylight harvesting, 0-100% digital dimming, and wireless control and management via LightRules. It includes: - DLA-I: The fully integrated version of the DLA that can be incorporated by third-party fixture manufacturers; - DLA-S: A surface-mounted version of the DLA that can be added to individual or groups of fixtures; and - DLA-R: The recessed-mount version of the DLA. About Digital Lumens Digital Lumens is redefining lighting with intelligent LED systems and services that bring the Internet of Lights -- part of the Internet of Things -- to our customers across more than 100 million square feet of space worldwide. The Intelligent Lighting System, based on LightRules management platform and patented intelligence integrated into any lighting fixture, provides unmatched control, efficiency, performance and visibility across entire operations. For more information, please visit or follow Digital Lumens on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.


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