CLD introduces new Hytronik motion light sensors for use with LED fixtures

May 8, 2014
Hastings, Sussex, UK based lamp and LED lighting specialist CLD Distribution announces a comprehensive new range of Hytronik motion and lux sensor switches to its range of innovative lighting control options.

Utilising microwave technology, these are ideal for wide ranging types of commercial, industrial and civic/public amenity applications -- including offices, factories, retail outlets together with schools, libraries, hospitals, etc., plus transport hubs like stations.

Hytronik sensors can be used in conjunction with CLD’s range of LED lighting fixtures to help further optimise all the cost and energy saving benefits of using LED technology for environmental lighting by switching off lighting in unused areas.

Designed to offer the full flexibility, the Hytronik sensors can be programmed to react to specific patterns based on movement in a space, lux / light levels and timings, with the latest surrounding lux value taking precedence over the previous learned lux level.

When there is sufficient natural lighting in an environment, the lighting under control of the sensor system will not switch on - even when there is movement detected. When the light levels are low, the sensor triggers the light automatically when a person enters the room.

After a pre-programmed ‘hold’ time is passed, the lights will then switch off automatically if there is no movement.

This provides a perfect solution for lighting control in commercial offices and warehouses/factories and other environments where lights are constantly on.

The Hytronik range starts at just GBP 16.00 and goes up to GBP 30.00, offering an extremely economical solution for any business which is conscious of its carbon footprint as well as the substantial savings that can be made by automatically switching off redundant lighting.

Microwave sensors like Hytronik offer many advantages over more traditional PIR (passive infra-red) sensors -- they are triggered by speed and the size of the movement catchment area/arc, and are not affected by background temperatures.

They are fully enclosed within the lighting fixture as microwave operation can safely penetrate surfaces like glass, plastic and wood (so they are not impeded by doors for example) and offer a super-stable performance that is suitable in any climate (so also ideal for places like cold stores or temperate greenhouses).

In line with the light fittings’ IP rating, the microwave units are dust and smoke proof as they sit inside the fitting, and have an expected lifespan of over 100,000 hours. Weatherproof housings are available for exterior use and the Flush mounting version can be ceiling mounted for tamper-proof installation.

There are currently seven versions of Hytronik sensor available as standard from CLD -- starting with the basic entry level motion Economy and Economy Wide versions; incorporating the more sophisticated motion Advanced and Detached models plus the motion Dimmable Economy and motion Economy Flush Mounted. There is also a Daylight adjustable model.

The higher up the range the wider the span / area of motion detection. Between 100 and 800W of LED lighting can be controlled per sensor and three step dimming control can also be achieved with the Hytronik range.

Combined with CLD’s wide range of LED luminaires, the incorporation of Hytronik sensor control can accelerate the energy saving payback of any new lighting investment.

CLD’s MD Rob Platt comments, “As LED lighting become a more cost-effective and popular choice for long term cost saving, smart switching is becoming equally as important as the actual lightsources to offer best value. We are expecting Hytronik to be a big success and intend to introduce more control options in the near future.”

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