Jesco Lighting's LED DL-FLEX-AC provides line-voltage LED linear lighting for interiors and exteriors

April 4, 2014

New Product Introduction: LED DL-FLEX-AC -- a high lumen output, adaptable lighting system that operates directly from 120 line voltage. No additional power source is required.

Design: JESCO Lighting Group In-House Product Design and Engineering Team.

Manufacturer: JESCO Lighting Group, founded 1998.

Product Applications: Compact, lightweight, curvable LED DL-FLEX-AC linear lighting is well suited for a multitude of wide-ranging upscale interior and exterior commercial, institutional and high-end residential applications.

LED DL-FLEX-AC readily conceals in large natural or manmade coves, building and room interiors; around baseboards and ceiling moldings; staircases, railings, columns; merchandise displays and signage; corridor and elevator perimeters; architectural elements or anywhere low scale architectural LED lighting is desired.

LED DL-FLEX-AC readily adapts for wide-ranging uses in upscale retail; hospitality installations such as restaurants, hotels, casinos and themed venues; offices, building lobbies, reception areas; product showrooms; upscale residential foyers, kitchens, baths, bedrooms, closets, family rooms, studies and home offices .

Product Description: LED DL-FLEX-AC represents a state-of-the-electronic-art system that operates directly from line voltage. No additional power source is required. JESCO’s unique LED circuit design, wherein LEDs are imbedded within a patent-pending thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), provides 50,000 hours of operation with 70% lumen maintenance.

LED DL-FLEX-AC is available in two versions – DL-FLEX-AC which is dimmable and DL-FLEX-AC-ND which has a higher light output but is non-dimmable. It measures a mere 3/4-inch wide by 1/4-inch high; minimum length is 6-inches, maximum 150-feet; it produces an energy-saving 4-watts, yet 485 lumens, per foot with a CRI of 80+. Available in 3000K, 4000K and 5000K, it is field cuttable; and dimmable with an ordinary incandescent dimmer.

A full line of accessories, cables and connectors are available to meet the needs of any installation situation.

Construction & Finishes: LED DL-FLEX-AC is constructed from a patent-pending, durable high-temperature thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) jacket. LED DL-FLEX-AC mounts simply with snap-in plastic channels or “U” clips. For easy installation, JESCO offers a full complement of connector accessories. It is UL, cUL dry/wet-location listed.


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