Sunlite releases COB-based LED recessed downlights for higher-ceiling applications

April 9, 2014
Sunlite, a division of Sunshine Lighting, presents the MKS Advanced LED series, a line of ultra-bright IC Rated recessed LED downlights for both residential and commercial spaces.

The MKS Advance LEDs are a super efficient lighting line that achieves higher light output and true white color with low wattage consumption.

Advanced Recessed for Homes and Businesses

Sunlite’s MKS Advanced LED complete IC-rated fixtures include 4", 5", and 6" adjustable steel housings with a high-performing durable die cast aluminum LED module that includes a Nichia LED array and a standard white baffle. They are ideal for general illumination in new homes or great for commercial use in retail stores, restaurants and hotels. The high performance Nichia LEDs come with a chip on board design that produces an 'Advanced' LED performance, high light output and a smooth singular light source.

Energy Saving, Long Life

Sunlite's MKS Advanced LED downlights, provide superior solutions for today's lighting designers. Homeowners and property managers will also enjoy the benefits of a beautiful light source with low maintenance and energy savings. The MKS LED recessed fixtures outperform the traditional compact fluorescent or incandescent recessed. They consume much less energy while providing a crisper and brighter white light that last ten times longer. They are available in color temperatures that range from a warm white to a daylight white, it all depends on the desired look and feel of the ambiance. Color temperatures available are 3000K for the 4" and 6" fixtures and 3000K, 3500K and 5000K for the 5" units.

Super Lumen Output for Recessed LED

Compared to other similar products MKS LED outperforms in lumen output consistently. The MKS LED deliver a no compromised, white punch of light necessary for today's interior designs, are dimmable to desired brightness and are available in 120 or 277 voltages.
- 4" MKS Advanced LED uses 16W and is available at 30000 hours with 800 lumens output.
- 5" MKS Advanced LED uses 20W and is available at 30000/50000 hours with 1150 lumens output.
- 6" MKS Advanced LED uses 28W and is available at 30000 hours with 1546 lumens output.

Easy to Install Housings

Builders and electrical contractors can confidently incorporate the MKS Advanced LED recessed housings in new construction or refurbished interiors. The MKS LED fixtures are easy for contractors to install into studded insulated ceilings with the MKS bar hanger (with nail), torsion spring brackets and stainless steel spring clips for adjusting to ceiling thickness. They can also be installed in suspended and other commercial ceilings also.

The IC Rated downlights offer 120 volt dimming capability with standard low voltage dimmers and an emergency back-up battery. A separate grounding cable is included on the module for attachment to the housing during installation.

Glare Free Trims & Finish Options

The MKS Advanced LED trim modules finish the luminaire with superior light output, optical control and adjustable beam spread. These high efficacy downlights come with the standard white baffle trim and a diffusing, glare-free lens for even illumination. Other trim colors available include brushed nickel and bronze. They are suitable for installing in homes or businesses with insulated ceilings (consider for great rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, offices and dens) and even damp locations (vanities, basements, laundry rooms). The trim module includes LEDs, dissipating heat sink, reflector, lens, baffle and LED Driver. The module is easy to install with a plug-in LED connector and can be dimmed to 15% of standard operation with a standard dimmer.

They Keep Their Cool

To maintain performance and prevent overheating, Sunlite designed the MKS Advanced LED fixtures with a custom high power factor driver for heat dissipation and thermal management. The housings stay cool and the LEDs perform at optimal level throughout their life.

The MKS Advanced recessed LED downlights are binned to Energy Star requirements and are UL and ETL listed and are tested to perform by providing for fixture to fixture color uniformity. They are warranted for three years by the manufacturer. For the complete product offering visit online at, contact Sunlite at 800-605-2852 or email [email protected]