Halco Lighting Technologies' ProLED LED lamps maintain aesthetics for chandeliers with longer lifetimes

April 9, 2014

Norcross, GA. Halco Lighting Technologies’ ProLED Decorative Chandelier series lamps provide the look and feel of traditional Incandescent Torpedo and Flame Tip lamps while providing the benefits of an LED lamp.

ProLED Decorative Chandelier lamps’ unique “Heat-to-Base” design allows heat to be dissipated through the base of the lamp minimizing the need for a visible heat sink. This design allows for LED technology in a traditional B10 Torpedo or CA10 Flame Tip shapes providing a more appealing, natural look. ProLED Decorative Chandelier lamps 2400K or 2700K color temperatures help create an environment where a warm aesthetic and inviting ambiance is desired. The specially designed light tower mimics the light distribution of a standard Incandescent lamp providing warm, soft and even illumination.

ProLED Decorative Chandelier lamps are IP65 Rated; making them a natural replacement or retrofit for indoor and outdoor hospitality and sconces applications where the lamp is visible. The lamp’s long 25,000 hour life, which is over 8 times as long as an Incandescent lamp, reduces labor and maintenance costs. ProLED lamps contain no mercury, emit no ultraviolet or infrared rays and are UL listed and RoHS compliant. ProLED Decorative Chandelier lamps are backed by a 5-Year Limited Warranty.

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Halco Lighting Technologies® is a leading manufacturer of lamps and ballasts designed for industrial/commercial, residential and specialty lighting applications. Halco’s extensive product line includes the following brands: Halco®, Sollos®, ProLED®, ProLume®, HaloXen®, Prism®, ProFormance®, Eco-Shield®, CoverShield® and SureColor®. Established in 1974, the company has U.S. distribution centers in Atlanta, Carlstadt, Cleveland, Houston, Los Angeles and Phoenix.

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