Canadian lighting and electrical supplier Shortall Electric launches lighting retail website

July 28, 2014
The Bright Choice!

Earlier this year, Shortall Electric, a lighting and electrical distributor based in Montreal, QC, began development on its online retail arm. After much research, it was discovered that the Canadian market was ready for a full-blown online lighting market, where the customer and his/her needs would be the focus. To date, there are other e-commerce sites offering lighting products, but they were shown to lack the basic tools necessary to inform customers about the different lighting solutions. Shortall took the task of filling the void by supplying online consumers with a friendly, personal interface, easy navigation, an advanced search technology, and helpful customer service. The result?!

Bright-On is fully equipped to supply you with all your lighting needs, the way you want it, when you want it. Their staff understands what you don't, and they know how complicated and overwhelming it can be to find the right lighting solution. In particular, Bright-On is committed to finding energy saving solutions that can provide you with the same (or better!) light output. The LED collection (see is unmatched with a clear breakdown of shapes and sizes, and a guide to help you retrofit those old guzzlers. Their knowledgeable buying team ensures that only quality products make it to the catalog, and only affordable solutions are considered.

The Right Investment

With the market being flooded with LED products, it's imperative that care is taken when investing in LED. It can be very frustrating to find a deal online, only to discover that the quality is poor and hardly justifiable of the investment. Many LED consumers are left burning hotter than their incandescents after their LED purchase fails to work. It's for this reason that has invested countless hours so your investment can last.

Worried about shipping costs? Your worries are over! Bright-On knows that Canadians don't deserve to pay so much for their online purchases, so they have promised to pay shipping on all orders over $100. No promo code, no time limit, just free shipping, so that you, as the consumer, can feel more comfortable about your purchase. Switching to LED is a strain on the budget, and Bright-On supports your wise choice by doing what they can to weaken the strain.

Visit today to gain from knowledgeable service and a user-friendly interface. You're sure to find what you need at the price you want- and save on your energy bill!

Don't forget to check out their helpful features, such as the Color Temperature Guide (essential when changing to LED): and Energy Calculator (show yourself why everyone's switching to LED):


Eli Weissman - Bright On

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