Intermatic introduces LED fixed-mount button, stem, and stem-and-swivel electronic photo controls

Dec. 11, 2014
Intermatic, a leader in energy management solutions, announces the release of its new line of dusk-to-dawn fix mount electronic photo controls with electronic switching mechanisms for use in outdoor lighting fixtures.

The new Intermatic electronic photo controls have a solid state, silicon light sensor and a DC relay to provide switching. This provides easier calibration to different targeted on/off levels and a repeatable set point that does not drift during the life of the product.

Intermatic’s complete line of LED fix mount electronic photo controls includes a button, stem, stem and swivel side lens and stem and swivel top lens that can be used in outdoor applications such as:

• Landscape lighting
• Façade/architectural outdoor lighting
• Pedestrian walkways
• Multi-family dwellings
• Parks
• University campuses
• Government facilities

Warrantied for extended life
Intermatic has specifically designed and tested the new fix mount electronic photo controls to match the extended life expectancies of LED, induction and HID fixtures. They feature zero-cross circuitry and employ electronic components exclusively selected to meet extended targets. Intermatic backs the new fix mount line with six, eight and twelve year limited warranties.

“Electronic photo controls are ideal when installed with light fixtures with extended service lives such as the new LED and induction light fixtures,” says Intermatic marketing manager Jimmy Adjunta. “The long life of the light fixture is now matched with photo controls allowing truly maintenance-free LED installations.”

Tested using NEMA 410 methodology
Intermatic designed and tested the new electronic photo controls against detrimental high inrush loads that are particular to electronic ballasts and LED drivers. As a measure of performance, Intermatic adopted NEMA 410 for evaluating compatibility with electronic ballasts and LED drivers and used the NEMA 410 methodology for testing in their UL recognized corporate laboratory.

By using the NEMA methodology, a conservative one, Intermatic has clearly demonstrated the long life of the electronic photo controls. All models include a 255J MOV element for extra surge protection. They meet or exceed ANSI C136.24 and are UL/CSA listed.


Lori A. Bacharz - Intermatic Incorporated

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