Bright Light Systems' plasma luminaires improve working conditions at Port of Seattle

Dec. 3, 2014
Plasma Luminaires the Solution for Night Work on Cruise Ships and Fishing Fleet.

Bright Light Systems, a leading manufacturer of Light Emitting Plasma (LEP) luminaires and wireless lighting controls, has announced the completion of a lighting upgrade project at the Port of Seattle Terminals 90 and 91. These terminals provide mooring for cruise ships as well as commercial workboats and fishing vessels.

“In order to provide the best conditions for our customers, we needed to upgrade the lighting,” said Robert Hoyman, Marine Maintenance Project Manager, Port of Seattle. “We are proud of our Port, but the existing high-pressure sodium lighting had reached its useful lifespan, and wasn’t delivering the coverage we needed to meet current standards. We were also convinced we could save energy costs with new lighting technology.” For the retrofit, the Port specified use of existing poles which are 65 feet high, and after reviewing all the options, Hoyman selected BLP1000 Lighting Emitting Plasma (LEP) luminaires manufactured by Bright Light Systems.

“LEP luminaires provide increased color recognition, are dimmable to 20%, and carry a lifetime rating of 50,000 hours,” said John Chalmers, Director of Marketing for Bright Light Systems. “Energy costs are now projected to be reduced over 50%, the installation is Dark-Skies Compliant, and the crisp white light will enhance security cameras’ image acuity and the ability to recognize faces.”

The Port of Seattle is home to the Northern Fishing Fleet, and 180 cruise ships depart every year. Work on the docks is often 24/7, and longshoremen have told the Port that the new BLS plasma lights have significantly improved their working conditions. Hoyman concluded, “We are very pleased with our new lighting on the piers. The luminaires installed easily onto our existing infrastructure, and we were able to aim the light where it’s needed to eliminate dark areas. Looked at from all aspects, the upgrade has a positive effect on the environment. Bright Light Systems BLP1000 was the ideal solution for us.”


John Chalmers, Director of Marketing - Bright Light Systems

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