Intermatic's extended life photo controls tested to NEMA 410 Standard for LED and new induction fixtures

June 5, 2014
Intermatic, the leader in energy management solutions, announced the launch of three new Electronic Photo Controls that have been designed, tested and warrantied to meet the long life expectancies of LED and other new light fixtures.

The new products feature 10, 15 and 20-year life expectancies, a significant improvement over most photo controls in use today.

"This product line is the long life solution," says Marketing Manager, Jimmy Adjunta. "It's compatible with today's long life LED and other high performance lighting applications that utilize electronic ballasts and drivers."

The extended life Electronic Photo Controls are appropriate for open space lighting applications such as street and roadway lighting, parking lots, and parks and playgrounds as well as residential access, common space and architectural lighting.

Intermatic's Electronic Photo Controls line includes:
1) ELC4536 - the Standard Electronic Photo Control compatible with a 2 amp electronic ballast;
2) EK4536 - the Select Grade Electronic Photo Control compatible with a 6 amp electronic ballast;
3) LED4536SC - the Specifier Grade Electronic Photo Control compatible with an 8 amp electronic ballast.

All of Intermatic's Electronic Photo Controls carry the UL or CSA seal of certification and a manufacturer's warranty.

Design Improvements
The Electronic Photo Controls feature improved ON/OFF switching with high quality relays and zero-crossing electronic circuitry for extended life. The design of all three models also employs electronic components exclusively selected to meet extended life targets.

Tested Using NEMA 410 Methodology
Intermatic designed and tested the new Electronic Photo Controls against detrimental high inrush loads that are particular to electronic ballasts. As a measure of performance, Intermatic adopted NEMA 410 for evaluating compatibility with electronic ballasts and used the NEMA 410 methodology for testing in their corporate laboratory.

Intermatic has published an overview of its testing methodology in a technical brief available at By using the NEMA methodology, a conservative one, Intermatic has clearly demonstrated the long life of the Electronic Photo Controls.

"These products go hand in hand with the extended life expectancy of lights today," Adjunta concludes. "Specifying long life Electronic Photo Controls should be an integral part of efficient lighting strategies."