Your Lighting Brand launches web platform for lighting agencies to focus marketing strategy

June 4, 2014
Lighting products have greatly improved in their technology and energy use as witnessed by L.E.D. advancements, however, marketing and communication methods within the Industry have not kept pace.

COLUMBUS, OH -- Your Lighting Brand (YLB), a brand marketing company dedicated to the lighting industry, aims to help local lighting agencies improve the experiences provided to both the manufacturers and the customers they serve. A majority of lighting agency websites are dated in both the platforms they are built on as well as the tools used to help in communication, sales and marketing. YLB has developed a website platform to help lighting agencies close this gap and better position themselves in the years ahead.

"Ultimately, we want to ensure lighting companies are current, relevant and credible to their customers and the brands they rep," says co-founder Rob Hilbert, an architect by training. "In order to make a convincing sale, there needs to be a strong correlation between the perception of the brand and the quality of the product throughout the entire sales model -- from manufacturer through installer."

After years of working within and consulting to the lighting industry, Hilbert and co-founder Jonathan Ayala developed the Agency Platform. The Agency Platform combines a suite of proven, web-based, technologies with the personal service of a dedicated marketing team comprised of lighting experts.

The Agency Platform Includes:

- A responsive, technology-current website;
- The Interactive Line Card, a customer-facing, database and information hub where product information is stored, sorted, cataloged and shared;
- A dedicated marketing team providing strategy, content, & monthly deliverables;
- Customer Connect, a web chat service to help improve sales & support communication.

For media inquiries, including interviews please contact Rob Hilbert at [email protected] or by phone at 800-567-0547. More information can be found online at

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Your Lighting Brand (YLB) is a brand marketing company dedicated to the Lighting Industry. Founded in 2013 by former Lighting Agent Jonathan Ayala and architect Rob Hilbert, YLB supports the advancement of lighting through communications, design and technology. For more information about YLB please visit


Rob Hilbert - Your Lighting Brand