Liberated Energy harnesses wind and solar power for LED lighting and security system

June 23, 2014

New Hybrid Lighting & Security System Utilizes Alternative Energy Technology - Potentially Saving Consumers & Businesses Millions Of Dollars A Year

Liberated Energy, Inc. (OTCQB: LIBE) is excited to announce the Guard-Lite, a revolutionary hybrid lighting and security system. Its unique self-powered design enables it to be installed at any location without wiring or an electrical permit. With an increasing need for security and the demand for alternative energy growing, the Guard Lite provides a complete solution.

Included in the Guard-Lite package: - High Tech LED lighting -- Utilizing the latest energy efficient technology with 6000°Kelvin lamps and 60,000hrs+ lifetime. This gives the best visibility with fewer lumens (3 LED lights/900 lumens each). - HD WiFI Security Camera -- Featuring two way streaming audio and HD video. The camera has infrared night vision and motion sensing technology. Alerts can be sent to your Smart Phone, PC, Mac, or Tablet. Multiple cameras and users can be incorporated into the system. - Wind Turbine -- High Efficiency Carbon Fiber Plastic. This unit produces 300watts at low wind speed. It's quiet, maintenance free with long lasting permanent magnet direct drive. - Electrical System -- Safe, reliable and efficient DC power system with 24 hours of energy storage when there is no wind or solar. - Mounting Pole -- Maintenance Free carbon steel with a vinyl sleeve or powder coated. The dimensions are 4" x 4" square and 14' 4" in height with a security base to prevent tampering. - Solar Panel -- 100 watt output at 4.5 KWh/Day. This Unit produces excess energy of approximately 3.9 KWh per day. That energy can be sold back to the grid or used for other lights, additional cameras, battery charging ...etc.


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