Trumeter launches new website to highlight latest LED lighting products and customization services

Nov. 13, 2014
Global electronics specialists Trumeter have developed a new website to showcase the advantages of their LED lighting innovations, including bespoke design, flexible payment options and the versatile TLC1100, suitable for demanding cold storage applications.

Having been successfully trialled in several demanding environments, often at temperatures as low as -26 degrees, the TLC1100 product is ideal for cold store, warehousing and retail requirements.
Its light-weight, yet durable construction and slim profile make it a superior alternative to traditional lamp technology in terms of ease-of-installation and maintenance.

As well as vast improvements in illumination and worker safety, the obvious benefits of Trumeter LED lighting in comparison to incumbent systems include significant cost savings and reductions in carbon footprint.
The new site, incorporates a cost calculator to project accurate customer savings that an LED lighting installation would generate in terms of monthly financial outlay and energy consumption.

Trumeter Group Sales Director, Alf Jones, commented:
‘The TLC1100 is a revolutionary product, combining the durable design required for cold-storage and warehousing environments with the superior electronics expertise gained by working in precision areas such as the high-end automotive sector.
‘As we continue to develop other innovative LED lighting products, our new website will become a valuable resource for anyone wanting to achieve better illumination while reducing costs and energy consumption.’

For information about Trumeter’s LED lighting products and bespoke capabilities, visit


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