ADATA Lighting releases Tulip LED desk lamp with 1000-lx illumination

Jan. 21, 2014
Date Announced: 21 Jan 2014 ADATA Launches Innovative LED Desk LampNew ‘Tulip’ model lamp brings soft lighting splendor and energy efficiencyTaipei, Taiwan -- ADATA™ Lighting has announced the launch of the Tulip LED desk lamp, a practical and gorgeous lighting solution that combines safety with energy efficiency. The Tulip desk lamp provides 1000 Lux of illumination that is free of harmful ultra-violet radiation, and features three-stage brightness adjustment along with a convenient and comforting nightlight.The smooth lines and soft colors of the lamp’s exterior create a minimalist natural air inside a home or office. The brightness adjustment is controlled by an easy-to-use color coded touch-sensitive button, with brightness stages of 100%, 80%, and 60% indicated by soft pink, purple and blue button hues. For nighttime use, a nightlight provides safety and comfort through a steady and warm glow.For many consumers, one of the main interests in LED lights is the reduced power consumption. The Tulip desk lamp provides energy savings of up to 60% over traditional lamps. One 8-Watt LED can replace a 21-Watt conventional light, giving consistent and flicker-free illumination for 40,000 hours or more.Available in two color schemes - White/Blue & White/Silver, the Tulip desk lamp comes with a two-year warranty.AvailabilityThe Tulip LED desk lamp will be available through selected retailers and distributors.About ADATAADATA Lighting is a subsidiary of ADATA Group. In addition to offering customers high-quality, eco-friendly, economical, and safe LED lighting products, the company also offers development-related OEM/ODM services. Utilizing a professional R & D team, advanced optical core technology, a full range of quality certifications, and modern certification & testing equipment, ADATA Lighting provides complete lighting systems and services. The company has established a sophisticated manufacturing facility that encompasses a research and development center, as well as an improved global customer service center aimed at providing customers around the world with the best in LED lighting technology.

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