Green X LED offers limited samples of LED 'corn light' lamps with 360-degree illumination

Aug. 25, 2014
TRITAN LED Corn Cob lights by Green X LED are an energy-saving direct replacements for High-Intensity Discharge (HID) and Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) lights. They are very bright, and project light 360° with very little heat.

TRITAN is available in 9w, 20w, 40w, 60w, and 80w. TRITAN is ideal for situations where large areas must be lit for a large percentage of the day, such as warehouses, gas stations, factories, garages, street lamps and more. Illuminate areas instantly, without the typical warm up times of HIDs or the flickering of CFLs.

Tritan Corn Lights have the advantage of intelligent temperature control technology built into our very own designed drivers. Intelligent temperature control technology effectively keeps LED temperature from increasing when it reaches a certain level and protects circuit being damaged in the closed environment. Excellent heat dissipation design of our heat sink ensures LED lights work normally even in the closed environment, which improves lights’ quality and helps to ensure the intended lifespan of the product.

Green X LED has taken the extra steps to design and certify the product for operation in COLD environments down to -40°C.

So for a short time, We have a limited number of 40w Tritan LED corn lights to giveaway to Industry customers to try out. (Tritan offer is limited to 1 TRITAN per Customer). We know we have a wonderful product, So we want you OUR CUSTOMERS to experience TRITAN for yourself and see the great quality of our product.

No gimmicks.
No payments.
No strings attached.

All we ask is that after you try the product you send us an email with your thoughts on this absolutely brilliant product.

Just visit for further information.


Green X LED

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