Alkilu leverages Kickstarter to raise funds for OLED production

March 12, 2014
Date Announced: 12 Mar 2014 ALKILU Enterprises announced that it has launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring its all-terrain OLED light to market. The announcement comes just weeks after the company made its formal debut at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.“The feedback we got from our OLED prototypes at CES was remarkable, particularly for the Aurora All-Terrain light," said Alkilu CEO Alex Khayat. “Everyone is eager to get their hands on these products and a successful Kickstarter campaign is a great step in the right direction.”Campaign funds will be used to cover the costs associated with production, packaging and shipments of the Aurora All-Terrain Light, the company’s flagship product. Upon launch, Alkilu announced that it would begin shipment of products in May -- a timeframe that Khayat says is still firmly on schedule.“By May, a number of our products will be ready for shipment, including our Aurora All-Terrain light, nightlights, makeup mirrors and others,” he explained. “These funds will be used to help us streamline the process.”In return, backers can receive gifts ranging from Alkilu t-shirts to actual OLED products.“This is an exciting time for anyone interested in OLED technology,” said Khayat. “This is the future of lighting, and with the funds received from this campaign, we can make it a reality much sooner than anyone ever expected.”Unlike other forms of lighting, OLEDs (organic light-emitting diodes) generate and emit light by passing electricity through thin organic layers. They are known as being both eco-friendly (mercury-free, with no UV emissions) and energy-efficient (very bright while using lower power) in addition to being cool to the touch with almost no heat generation.To pledge, or to learn more about the Kickstarter campaign, visit: ALKILUALKILU’s mission is to make OLED technology part of everyday life. Founded by Alex Khayat, an industry expert with over 20 years of technology experience especially in OLED research and development, the California-based company is developing innovative line of affordable, unique and eco-friendly lighting products for consumers. Leveraging the ultra-thin, transparent, efficient and eventually flexible attributes of OLEDs, ALKILU has introduced an innovative line of consumer products that includes all-terrain lights, nightlights, bookmarks, makeup kits and many others.

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