Halco Lighting Technologies offers 130V HaloXen PAR lamps

July 24, 2013
Date Announced: 24 Jul 2013 Norcross, GA – Halco Lighting Technologies® announces the availability of 130 volt HaloXen PAR lamps to their broad offering of PAR lamps. The 130 volt rated HaloXen PAR lamps utilize the same halogen-xenon technology as other HaloXen products. The benefit of this specialized gas mixture is an increase in lamp efficacy beyond what standard halogen lamps can offer. Additionally, a 130 volt lamp has a thicker filament and when operated on typical 120V line voltage it provides less resistance to the electrical current flowing through the filament. As a result, the lamp consumes less energy, burns cooler and lasts longer on a 120V line. The 130V design voltage also provides protection from voltage spikes that can occur frequently in certain areas. These 130V HaloXen PAR lamps are ideal for both residential and commercial markets.130 volt PARs are available in PAR20, PAR30, PAR30L and PAR38 shapes.About Halco Lighting Technologies® Halco Lighting Technologies® is a leading manufacturer of lamps and ballasts designed for industrial/commercial, residential and specialty lighting applications. Halco’s extensive product line includes the following brands: Halco®, Sollos®, ProLED®, ProLume®, HaloXen®, Prism®, ProFormance®, Eco-Shield®, CoverShield® and SureColor®. Established in 1974, the company has U.S. distribution centers in Atlanta, Carlstadt, Cleveland, Houston and Phoenix.

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