Vossloh-Schwabe future-proofs electromagnetic ballasts for harsh conditions with compliance to EU requirements

July 9, 2013
Date Announced: 09 Jul 2013 Future-proof thanks to VS – Even in the field of conventional magnetic technologyWith LEDs being the lighting source of the future, Vossloh-Schwabe dedicates the majority of its developmental capacities to LED technology and associated electronic control gear. However, there are nonetheless applications that continue to rely on conventional technology. In this regard, users benefit from the experience gained during decades of developing and producing magnetic ballasts for high-pressure discharge and fluorescent lamps. Vossloh-Schwabe already began developing and manufacturing low-loss electromagnetic ballasts for fluorescent lamps more than 30 years ago on the basis of lessons learned during the oil crises of the day.Our dedication to this tradition has led to the development of electromagnetic ballasts that will satisfy the EU’s strict provisions even after 2017 and will thus continue to be approved for use. Certain applications, such as those involving high-temperature or aggressive operating conditions, still rely on the use of magnetic ballasts. We therefore provide the lighting industry with the security of knowing that energy-efficient magnetic devices will remain available for these kinds of application well into the future.As a result, we are not only an ideal partner when it comes to LED technology, but also for traditional magnetic technology – even after 2017.

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